Mini Bug club nature play sensory class on mondays from 3 to 3:45 pm

For Ages 1 – 3

In the Growing Space at St. Helen’s, North Kensington, W10 6LP

£15 £20 per session


Introducing a new nature play sensory class for early years explorers! 1 to 3 year olds get to discover the magic of the gardens.

Did you know sensory play is vital for nurturing the development of children under 5? Research shows sensory stimulation supports cognitive development. Engaging the senses sends signals to the brain strengthening neural connections that are essential for completing complex tasks, language development, social interaction, motor skills and all future learning. Additionally, time spent in nature has the proven benefit of boosting emotional wellbeing.

Led by an experienced Montessori educator, little ones get to:

  • Dig & Wiggle: use their hands to explore and develop their fine motor skills
  • Look After Our Friends: water plants and see them grow, as well as learn about all manner of creepy crawlies
  • Discover New Sounds and Smells: flowers, bees, and crunchy leaves
  • Feel the Sunshine: breathe fresh air, experience the soothing effect of nature, boost their vitamin D production, and improve their emotional wellbeing
  • Foster Friendships: singing songs, playing games, and making memories!

Bonus: they’ll learn a few French words along the way!

Watch your little one grow and bloom in a safe, happy and healthy environment. Sign up today!

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